Import of Users

You can import user(s) by uploading an Excel or CSV spreadsheets.

In this section we will discuss the following:

  1. Importing users
  2. Users' spreadsheet structure

1. Importing users

Note: Ensure that your spreadsheet corresponds to Waytobi format before uploading it. You can download the template here.

To import a new user(s), follow below steps:

  1. Select Users under Administrate drop-down menu;
  2. Click Import Users;

  3. Click Choose a file (or drag-and-drop the file to the window);
  4. Find your file;
  5. Click Open and upload the users to your profile.

2. Users' spreadsheet structure

The users' spreadsheet should contain the following column headers to conform to the standards of Waytobi. Three of the column headers are mandatory, others are optional.


  • First Name – Mandatory
  • Last Name – Mandatory
  • Email – Mandatory
  • Password – Optional
  • Type of User – Optional
  • Group – Optional

For CSV spreadsheets the sequence and name of columns is similar to the Excel one.

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