Roles and Privileges

With Waytobi, you can set up user roles and privileges to reflect your organizational structure.

In this section we will discuss the following:

  1. Waytobi user roles and privileges
  2. How to set up a user role in Waytobi

1. Waytobi user roles and privileges

In total, there are 5 roles available on Waytobi platform:

  1. Basic User - people who can access reports, dashboards, analytics to only KPIs that are assigned to them. The feature of entering new data can be made accessible for them by the administrator.
  2. Manager - managers have access to all the data from users from drop-down list, as well as edit and create KPIs.
  3. Director - directors have access to all KPIs, users, and groups. The possibility to enter KPI data by a director is optional.
  4. Administrator - has a privilege over other users and can administer the system. They have access to all areas of the system.
  5. Owner - sets up the account and can access all the data, system itself and user roles. Owners also take responsibility for billing.

2. How to set up a user role in Waytobi

  1. Click Users under Administrate drop-down menu;
  2. Click the “Pencil” edit button;

  3. Select the appropriate user role;
  4. Click Save.

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