Dashboard Charts

Waytobi allows you to visualize dashboard data through graphs, charts, and controls.

In this section we will discuss the following:

  1. How to add a new graph
  2. How to edit the screen view
  3. Graph settings

1. How to add a new graph

You can add some charts and graphs to your dashboard by following of below steps:

  1. Click the Dashboards tab;
  2. Click + icon to add a new dashboard;
  3. Click the Add a new graph button to add a new graph;
  4. Select a graph or control type from the drop-down menu.

2. How to edit the screen view

After adding a new graph, you will be redirected to graph type settings. The screen has 4 areas:

  1. The KPI Selector
  2. The Date Control
  3. The Options Menu
  4. The Preview Window

To set up your graph, follow these steps:

  1. Select the KPI from drop-down menu;
  2. Use date control section to specify the time period you wish to depict on the graph;
  3. Customize your graph view with options menu;
  4. Check the graph on a preview section. If everything is set up, click the Save button.

Note: You can move views in the dashboard by clicking and dragging the header bar.

  1. To edit a view, click the Edit icon located on the top right corner;

  2. To delete a view, click Delete icon located on the top right corner.

3. Chart settings

You can customize a chart by editing its settings in the right-side menu. The menu contains the following settings:

  • View name - the name of your chart;
  • Filter by users - filter user accounts that will have access to the graph;
  • Filter by group - filter user groups that will have access to the graph;
  • Size - set up a size of the chart to be displayed on the dashboard;
  • Display by - choose the chart to be displayed by groups or by date;
  • Frequency - choose the intervals for dates displayed;
  • Graph type - choose a graph type you want to use.

Additional options:

  • Colors - customize the Target, Averages and Actual for each view;
  • Reverse target - flip the target on the X axis;
  • Show target - toggle to display the target on the graph;
  • Show average - toggle to display average on the graph;
  • Use same Y axis - toggle a standard Y axis to compare KPIs;
  • Reduce Y axis - stretches the graph when values are similar.

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