Import Your KPI Data

Along with manual data input, you can also automate the process of data entry into your Waytobi account.

In this section we will discuss the following:

  1. Importing KPI data from a spreadsheet
  2. Data structure
  3. Additional structure types

1. Importing KPI data from a spreadsheet

Importing data from an Excel file is one of the easiest ways of automating the process. You will have to structure your data in a specific way to be able to import it into the system. As soon as your KPIs are ready you can upload your Excel data file and have all fields filled automatically. Before you upload your file make sure to check out the example file.

To upload your Excel data file:


  1. Go to the Data entry tab;
  2. Click the Data Import button;
  3. Select your KPI spreadsheet;
  4. Click Choose and Upload.

After the upload you will see your data in the system.

2. Data Structure

The template of your Excel spreadsheet with KPI data should have the following column structure to match the platform standards:

  • Email - the user’s email address who’s assigned to the KPI
  • KPI ID – the unique identification number given to that particular KPI
  • KPI Name - the name of that particular KPI
  • Date - when did the entry occur
  • Actual – the actual KPI amount
  • Target (Optional) - the KPI target amount
  • Notes (Optional) - any notes you might have

3. Additional structure types

Another way to structure your Excel spreadsheets to make sure those are compatible with your Waytobi account is to match the column names with the KPI name. Please pay close attention to the fact that if you decide to use this method of structuring you can’t be using columns for notes, targets and KPI IDs. This is mostly convenient either for data with no KPI targets and notes, or when the targets are consistent.

Here are the columns you should include on your datasheet:

  • User – The email address of the user
  • Date – The KPI entry date

The names for the rest of the columns should be matching the name of the KPI.

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