Data Entry

Entering the data manually is an easy and reliable way to add users' information to the system. With the first data entered, you will be able to manipulate it through Analytics, Dashboards and Reports.

In this section we will discuss the following:

  1. Date selection
  2. Data entering
  3. Working with other users KPIs
  4. Adding notes
  5. Changing targets
  6. Data import from Excel spreadsheet
  7. Multiply entry view

 1. Date selection

Dates are reflecting the frequency of KPIs data. They correspond to the days when KPI data should be entered. By means of interface functionality, you can change the order of the dates and set daily, weekly, monthly & etc. sequence. To select a date, follow these steps:

  1. Press Calendar control and go to the current date;
  2. To choose a specific date, use the back arrow or press a pop-up calendar icon to select a date.

Note: Press Back and Forward (3) buttons to navigate to next or previous KPI entry dates (frequencies).

2. Data entering

After selecting the date, you can fill in each KPI field with data:

  1. Choose KPI frequency (monthly, daily or weekly);
  2. Besides name, each KPI can contain target, the target %, trend and notes (you need to switch to List view for that);
  3. Enter the corresponding data to the columns to fill in your KPI fields.

If not specified otherwise, trend and the target % fields will be calculated and saved automatically.

Note: KPIs can be filtered by category with a help of KPI category drop-down filter.

Note: Historic data can be modified manually by navigating to the specific date and changing KPI values.

3. Working with other users KPIs

Such user categories as Managers, Directors, Admins and Owners are allowed to fill in and modify another user's KPI fields. To change another user's KPI sheet, follow these steps:

  1. Click the User name drop down menu & choose a target user from the list;
  2. Target user's KPI sheet should appear in your KPI list;
  3. To add KPI of another user, follow again these steps.

4. Adding notes

Notes are helpful both for you and for other users who may work with your KPI data. They will appear on dashboards and on some report views. To add a note, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to List view of your KPI's;
  2. Click the Notes icon near the KPI;
  3. Enter note text and press Add button;
  4. Note icon will become highlighted. It indicates that a note has been successfully entered;
  5. To delete the note, click the Note icon, remove the text entered and click Add.

5. Changing targets

Some accounts with additional rights and privileges are allowed to set Targets at the KPI entry / edit sheet. This can be usefully if targets are temporary or changing frequently. To change the target, follow these steps:

  1. At KPI tab click on Edit icon;
  2. Click the target field and type new value;
  3. Target will be automatically saved for the specified entry.

6. Data import from Excel spreadsheet

The data from Excel file can be directly imported with the help of KPI Entry screen. More information about Excel data importing can be found here.

7. Multiply entry view

You can configure your interface to display several time periods simultaneously.

To display several periods at the same time, click the view toggle button.

The interface will remain the same, but now you will be able to work with data from several periods at once. Target
information will be displayed under the actual data entry selected.

Changing dates, editing values, entering, modifying targets and selecting KPI categories remains the same as in a single

Please Note: You cannot use notes in a multiple entry view. To add a note, switch back to single view.

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