The KPI Screen Guide

The KPI Tab is a tool to add, modify and delete the KPIs. You can use this tool to manage all existing KPIs as well as their attributes.

All KPIs are displayed on the screen. You can see each KPI’s attributes in a KPI row / field.

Each KPI has the following attributes:

  1. ID - a unique number dedicated to a specific KPI;
  2. Icon - the icon that represents KPI across all system sections';
  3. Name - the name of the KPI;
  4. Description - brief description of KPI;
  5. Frequency - the period of time when the KPI data should be recorded;
  6. Format - KPI’s format (for example, % or $);
  7. Direction – positive direction for the KPI displayed (for instance, the revenue goes upward direction while
    expenses should have downward direction);
  8. Target - the target (desired) value of the KPI.

Each attribute can be changed with the help of a pencil icon from the right side, in Actions column.

KPI can be disabled and hidden on the KPI entry screen. You can also delete KPI and all data related to it.

  1. To delete or disable a KPI, click Disable or Delete buttons on the right side of KPI detail box.

Note: Use the Add Data button to go to data entry tab and add data for a specific KPI immediately.

KPIs can also be imported from a spreadsheet.

More information on adding KPIs can be found here.
More information on uploading KPIs from spreadsheets can be found here.

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